Volkswagen and GM withdraw from 2018 Auto Expo

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For many, the 2018 Auto Expo might not be a fascinating event to watch out for. Many of the major automakers doing business in India might not show up at the 2018 event. According to the reports, the host of the Auto Expo, India Expo Mart (hosting the Auto Expo since 2014), will be missing out on many key automakers, thereby taking away a lot of its sheen.

Among the automaking companies that have confirmed its absence from the 2018 Expo, there are companies that would hurt the enthusiasts most, namely Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Skoda and Audi. The other automakers who might also pull out from the event are Ford and Nissan.

The Managing Director of the Volkswagen Group India, Thierry Lespiacq has said that based on the promotion strategy, the company has decided to pull out of the Auto Expo next year. The company may consider getting back to the event in 2020 depending on the future strategies.

On the other hand, General Motors had recently announced that the company will stop doing any business in India from December 31, 2017, that is, the company will not be selling any more cars in India. However, the production plant in Talegaon will continue to function and will become one of the major export hubs for the international market.

The carmakers who have announced to skip the upcoming Auto Expo has quoted quite a valid point for their withdrawal. They have mentioned that the key reason why they have considered skipping the event is that there is a lack of effectiveness in the event and the companies do not get back the value for its investments. Hence, the companies do not want to invest in an event that cannot justify the money put in.

The 2018 Auto Expo will be held during February next year.

[ Source :- Autoportal ]

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