Simple and Delicious: Why ‘Delhicious Week’ got the spirit of Delhi food right



The recently concluded ‘Delhicious Week’ was all about the food flavour of the capital. With fifteen restaurants, fourteen days and a special menu that explored all variety of food the city could offer, the week had a clear intention of promoting good food habit among the Delhiites.

As we took a round off the special menu at the Baywatch, Sheraton, Saket along with Chef Praveen Kaur, the varied platter with more than 30 dishes displayed the diversity of food flavour the city offers with a special pinch of class to it.

Chef Praveen Kaur said, “the idea behind the Groupon and Delhi Gourmeet Club’s ‘Delhicious Week’ is to highlight the proper food habit in the city along with a purpose to promote and help people know the platter of good hotels and restaurants.”

She further adds, “people have a myth about the taste of the platter being served at big restaurants, but here we have tried to make it simpler for people and right from vegetarian to non-vegetarian, the platter has everything in a balanced proportion for the masses to understand the essence of simple food, so that people get inspired by it and start visiting good restaurants.”

Starting with a Virgin Mojhito drink, Rajma ki Galouti, the evening offered some simple dishes that we found not just easy-to-cook but digest too. As the evening progressed and we explored the menu decided for the day, the platter included Lamb Salad, Chicken Mortadella, Pork Nan, Turkey Nan, Beansprout, Corn and Greenpea Salad and much more.


The main course was detailed with vegetarian, Asian Chinese and Western dishes. What we liked the most in the menu was Paneer ka Salan, Grilled Fish with lemon Butter Sauce and Palak Lahsooni. The grilled fish was well cooked from inside and the strong flavor of lemon made it refreshing. Whereas the Palak Lahsooni was “something new and easy to be cooked at home”, as described by Chef Praveen. Terming the dish ideal for summers, she added: “Garlic as an ingredient is not just helpful in adding strong flavor to the food, but it also helps to safeguard the body during the weather change. And that’s the reason we added this easy-to-make dish with Palak so that people can try it during summer.”

The most interesting and mouth watering moment of the day was to see the chaat section in the platter which offered the basic chaat flavours and Dahi Bhalla in small bowls. Praveen adds, “the idea was to make the platter very much relatable to Delhi and get people associated with it.”

For a change from the menu decided for the week, the chef served us with a thin layered Pizza, which was a special treat to us, and had a fresh flavor of cheese which made the evening complete. Though, with no space left in our stomach to explore the dessert, the attractive display made us visit the section and forced us to treat our taste bud with a small bite of Almond Fudge Slice and Apple Scruddle, which we found healthy and delicious too.

On special request Chef Praveen Kaur furnished us with a quick dessert recipe which we feel people would love to explore and make their weekend more scrumptious.

Bread and Butter Pudding with Jelly

Bread Slice – 2
Baking Tray-1
Sweetening Agent (Sugar/Honey)- to taste
Egg Yolk- 1
Glass of Milk- 1
Butter cubes- 2
Jelly and nuts to garnish


* Make a liazzo of milk, yolk and butter.

* Now place the bread in the baking tray, add sweetening agent to it and pour the liazzo on it.

* Cook it for 7 minutes at 180 degree in the microwave.

* One can serve it hot or cold depending upon the mood and occasion, garnished with nuts and jelly at the top.





Written by Loknath Das