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If you enjoy working for yourself or want to start a business that allows you to meet a variety of customers, then consider opening a kiosk in a mall. Walk around the mall to look at the types of kiosks that are already set up so that you don’t open something that another person already owns. This will help to get more customers to your business and ensure that you aren’t taking too much business from those who have been in the mall longer than you have.

When you begin thinking about mall kiosks and the things that you can sell, consider the customers who frequent the mall. You wouldn’t want to offer phone cases to older customers who might not have the latest phones or antiques and collectibles to customers who are younger and might not understand the value of the items that you sell. Coffee and tea are good options to consider if you want to sell beverages. Try to offer different sizes as well as different flavors. You should also consider offering hot and cold versions of each beverage. Try to offer special flavors during certain times of the year, such as pumpkin in the fall or peppermint in the winter.

Small gift baskets are also an idea to sell at a kiosk. You could create baskets for special occasions like birthdays or holidays. An option would be to offer personalization for customers so that they can choose the colors that they want on the basket or initials on items inside the basket or on the front. Design your kiosk so that it stands out to customers. When people are walking past stores in a mall, they are usually looking for a certain kind of product or a certain kind of store. If you have a product that makes people stop and want to look at it, then you’re more likely to sell your items.

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