Why Do Most People Get Divorced?

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When most people think of marriage, they are not thinking about eventually getting divorced. In their mind they see marriage as something that is the start of a life of happiness together. However, as the statistics show, up to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. One of the reasons why is because marriage requires work. If a marriage is not worked at and if couples give up on the relationship, then they may find themselves needing the assistance of a divorce attorney.

Communication is clearly one of the reasons why people end up getting divorced. They like the idea of spending their life together, but they don’t have what it takes to communicate with each other in a healthy way. Communication involves understanding what your partner wants and what they need and then working to make those needs a reality. As a couple stops talking to each other, feelings of isolation and feelings of loneliness can develop. This can lead to the couple starting to look for companionship with someone else. Eventually, the marriage breaks down and they’re both looking for a divorce attorney Lake County.

Finances are another reason why couples break apart. As a single individual, dealing with financial stresses can be trying. However, when you mix two people who have separate ideas about money and how finances should work, then problems start to arise. Each partner is going to bring preconceived ideas to the table about money. One partner may have grown up in a family where money was tightly budgeted, and so they feel that now in their marriage money should be tightly accounted for. The other partner may have grown up in a family that was less strict with money, and so they may have the habit of spending money without giving much thought to the consequences. This mix can be troubling and lead to some serious problems.

Another issue with money may revolve around how much money each individual brings into marriage. This can create a power play where one of the two mates feels that they have more authority because they are the proverbial breadwinner. If communication is not frank and open, this could destroy the unity that is key in keeping a marriage is strong.

That being said, there are some legitimate times where divorce is the most positive step a person can take. This may include situations where one of the partners was unfaithful. Infidelity destroys trust, and a marriage without trust is destined to fail.

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