Maserati GranTurismo Sport First Drive Review

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What is it?

Why will I buy the GranTurismo Sport?

It looks absolutely smashing and sounds brilliant.

Why will I avoid the GranTurismo Sport?

Dated interiors, lack of equipment

Sportscars are a diverse bunch and you have one for every occasion. Some are made for precision driving while some are made to look like a million bucks. The Maserati GranTurismo that you see here aims to establish both. Before we elaborate on the looks, let me mention that the GT’s design is penned down by the famous design house, Pininfarina, and the result is simply smashing. What’s equally striking about the Maserati when you see it in the metal is how large it is.

The big chrome gaping grille with the massive Maserati logo gives the car plenty of character while the radically designed bumper adds the sporty touches. The long bonnet, with its iconic ‘V’ shape, has three air intakes on each side, in the classic Maserati style. The aerodynamics and styling of the GranTurismo has been developed in tandem to minimise the airflow vortices that occur around the car. Radical side skirts then bring further drama to the car’s profile.

At the rear, the triangular rear lights use 96 LEDs, and a wide aerodynamic diffuser opens out over the lower part of the bumper with those massive exhausts at either ends finishing up the rear. No matter how you try to describe the GT, one will always fall short of words. It’s a brilliant design and it looks like a million bucks.

Written by Loknath Das