The Importance of Dietary Supplements for the Health of Your Dog

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You may be wondering if your dog needs dietary supplements along with his regular diet. He may show a loss of energy, dull coat or is starting to show his age. Dogs may need supplements if they have a nutritional deficiency, if you give a homemade diet or if they have a medical condition. Once you have determined the best course of action with your vet, it is important to find high-quality ingredients when you shop for dog supplements online Here are a few of the benefits you will see in your dog when you start giving dietary supplements.

The Benefits of Dietary Supplements

Many commercially prepared dog foods lack essential nutrients. Homemade meals may also not contain all the things your dog needs for health. The imbalance may result in digestive problems, scooting and other symptoms. Supplements may be needed to support the heart, liver, brain, eyes and kidneys. Certain minerals and fats help improve your dog’s coat, skin and overall good health.

Boost Energy Levels

Aging or sick dogs may need supplements to help improve their immune system. This promotes the overall well-being that will make him feel better and have more energy.

Improve Skin and Coat

Fish oil and brewer’s yeast are two dietary supplements that may improve your pet’s skin and coat. According to the American Journal of Veterinary Research, fatty acids can improve the appearance of your dog’s coat, and fish oil can also reduce inflammation. Often when a dog is lacking certain nutrients, the first symptom is a dull coat that sheds much more than usual. The coat will begin to look healthy again and the shedding will reduce.

Boost the Immune System

Your dog’s immune system helps prevent disease. There are dietary supplements that are designed to boost the immune system and improve kidney and liver function. A healthy digestive system is important for absorbing the essential nutrients. Supplements can help improve your dog’s digestive system, thereby improving the immune system for good overall health.

Help Improve Memory

Vitamins C and E are antioxidants that may help aging dogs that have memory problems. They also reduce inflammation. If you have an older dog, ask your vet about Vitamin C and E to improve its quality of life.

How to Choose the Best Supplements

When you shop for dog supplements online there are a few things you should consider. Here are six tips for choosing the best products.

• Read the label and make sure it has the ingredients your dog needs
• Read the directions for use. If it recommends consulting your vet and has a use-by date, the company may have quality control
• Look for a contact number on the product
• Avoid supplements that make claims such as it will cure cancer or hip dysplasia
• Do not give human supplements to dogs. They may contain ingredients that are harmful to dogs such as garlic
• Find a reputable seller when you shop for dog supplements online

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), dietary supplements need to be given with care. This is why it’s not wise for you to decide your dog needs them, but to get instructions from your vet. Too much of a good thing can actually damage your pooch such as an overdose of calcium can cause bone problems in large breed puppies and an overdose of vitamin A can cause joint pain and dehydration. If your pup needs dietary supplements, your vet will recommend the right ones as well as the dose. It is your job to make sure you purchase them from a reputable place such as Vet Products Direct, to have the confidence you are getting a good product.

Dietary supplements for your dog can have a beneficial impact on his health. When you shop for dog supplements online, make sure you get a high-quality product.

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