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In the contemporary world, no one can imagine life without a computer or a mobile phone. It has become an essential part in every individual’s day to day life. A computer has incalculable benefits of its own. With the help of internet it makes communication across the globe seem like a piece of cake. Internet also makes online transactions and shopping possible by providing a safe gateway for payments. It can store enormous size of data and information that can be accessed as and when the user wants. The sector that has flourished recently is the business sector and all credit goes to the high tech computer systems that they have and the customized softwares that are used. Computers have taken care of the media and entertainment sector as well. The whole concept of entertainment has been recreated by computer systems and its nature of working. Today every simple task is just a click away.

For such heavy industries which work wholly on computers, losing their data seems like an unpleasant dream. The data can be lost due to several reasons like accidentally deleting files, virus, hard drive damage, power failures, theft of computer, natural disasters, etc. But the good news is that there are professional and expert data recovery software available to the common man absolutely free of cost. EaseUS Data Recovery Software is one such product that provides expert guidance for recovering lost data. It’s a easy to use program that enables the user to recover lost data with very simple 3 step process.


EaseUS Data Recovery Software is very convenient to apply. Any user with basic computer knowledge will be able to operate it. Its supports 20 different languages., It can recover deleted files and as well as cleaned files from the recycle bin. Its structure is such that it recovers all types of files irrespective of their format and size. All commonly used operating systems are compatible with this software. It doesn’t occupy much space in the computer. Devices that it supports are USB, iPhone, Mac, windows, digital cameras, hard drives etc.


Few simple steps can bring back the lost data. Complete hard drive recovery  can be carried out with just a few clicks.

  1. Launchand select: After installing the program on the computer system the user defines the location for the file recovery. That location can be any folder, drive, partition in the computer system.
  2. Scan – After the successful completion of the first step, a scan is carried out. There are two types of scans the first being the quick scan will list all the deleted and cleaned files even from the recycle bin. Just after the completion of the first scan, another deep scan will run automatically, sector by sector. This scan takes longer. The deep scan is known for finding RAW files that are hidden in the target location.
  3. Recover – The scan results display a large number of files on the screen. The user can select from those files and complete the recovery. The recovered files are saved on a safer device or location after that.
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