The Famous Japanese Cake That Looks Like a Water-Drop Has a New Purple Version


The Famous Japanese Cake That Looks Like a Water-Drop Has a New Purple Version

It is not every day that you get to take a bite into a raindrop. Last year, something as unusual as a raindrop cake, left everybody stunned. Originated in Japan, raindrop cakes are actually called as Mizu Shingen Mochi. This squishy and jiggly cake looks nothing like the spongy cake you would imagine. Interestingly, this Japanese dessert looks like a raindrop and is transparent, hence the name. It has no colour and those who have tasted it claim that it does not have any taste and therefore, is served with sweet and nutty accompaniments to add flavour.


This bouncy cake which looks like a water droplet is made with agar, which is a vegan alternative to gelatine and water. It is served with two condiments – one is roasted soybean flour known as Kinako and the other is a sugary syrup called Kuromitsu. Since the cake is made with only water and agar, it is believed to have no calories and is a very popular treat in Japan.


This oddly satisfying cake is exactly the shape of a raindrop or a water-droplet and has no colour. You have to mix the two condiments in each bite you take. The mixture of agar and water is heated and set in moulds under refrigeration and is given no flavouring until the condiments are served. The cake when eaten is mild and has a delicate texture that melts in your mouth. Along with the condiments, it offers a sweet kick with a tinge of smoky molasses and roasted nutty flavour.


Written by Loknath Das