Differences between Face Cards and Number Cards in Rummy

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When it comes to rummy cards, two things come in mind- Face cards and Number cards. Both of these are different and carry different amount of points. The face cards are King, Queen, and Jack, and you may include Ace as well. Each of these carries 10 points. Number cards between 2 and 10 carry the number of points of what they represent. For instance card 3 of any suit will carry 3 points and henceforth. The card 10 carries 10 points, but it is not said to be a face card.

Objective of 13 Card Rummy Games

Anyone who knows how to play rummy is aware that the objective of the game is to reduce the points in the hand until it is zero. After this, the game is declared by a person with zero points in hand. Now how do you make your card hand amount to zero points? It is simple; make valid sets and sequences to end the game. If someone else declares the game before you do, then the points in your hand will be counted as that of the leftover cards, which could not be arranged into pure sequence, sets, and usual sequences.

How to Declare a Game of Rummy?

Now, it is easy to understand that high value cards are the face cards and low value cards are any card that costs less than 10 points. When you play rummy online, depending on the website, you have to either make two or one pure sequence, a regular sequence/set. If possible, you can always make more than one pure sequence. However, for a valid declaration, one pure sequence is mandatory. You may or may not make sets and this is a choice every rummy player has.

How to Minimize Points in Hand?

As the goal of a rummy game is to make hand free of any points, you have to discard cards that cost you more points. It is thus natural to do away with high value or face cards because these carry 10 points each. This is why many prefer to discard face cards soon in the game, if these do not help in making a pure sequence. Some may use these to make sets, but only after a pure sequence is made, so that in case the opponent declares the game, their hand would not cost high.

Importance of Face Cards and How to Use Those?

That being said, it does not mean face cards are unwanted. These can always be utilized to make valid sequences and sets. More over in Indian rummy, they can be used to confuse the rival. For instance, like you, even the opponent has to minus points from his hand. Thus, he may discard this card. Now, if you have Ace, Queen, and Jack of a suit, then you can discard the Jack and lure the opponent to throw King of same suit. Once he does that, you can pick the King and make a pure sequence.

Similarly, after making required pure sequences, you can lure the rival this way to do away with face cards in online rummy, and you in turn can utilize these to make sets. It is however, not advisable to pick face cards or any card from the discard pile if it readily does not complete a set or a sequence. Picking card from discard pile may also mean revealing your intentions and giving a chance to the opponent to predict the cards in your hand.

What Makes Face Card and Number Card Different from Each Other?

So, the difference between a high value (face card) and a number card is the number of points each carry and preference players give to each of these cards. Remember, in a rummy patti game, every card is useful. None of the cards are there without a purpose. Though people have a high preference for Jokers, but even these can be harmful if you cannot actually make a pure sequence and sets.

Thus, your purpose for winning the cards games is not to have a good hand, but to utilize the cards in a wise manner and turn the table even in adverse situations, and grab a win.

Written by Loknath Das