Decor crimes to avoid

Decor Styles

Burgundy on the wall? Daniella Norling says you may as well put your keys in the bowl.

From shabby chic to beige-on-beige there are some decor choices that should be avoided at all costs. Here, interiors experts share their worst offenders.

Colours come and colours go but there are some that interior gurus will not tolerate. Daniella Norling from Trove Interior Design names burgundy as a key offender. “It reeks of cheap velour, nasty, shiny polyester and key parties,” she says. “Somebody needs to knock that shade off the colourwheel stat.”

Norling also doesn’t like a lack of colour, or the beige-on-beige look. “It’s like living in a bowl of porridge,” she says. “When I see a home decorated in nothing but neutral tones, I see a person with undisclosed trauma. Seek psychological assistance and unleash your inner rainbow.”

How many nineties renos featured a blue kitchen? It's time to choose another hue.


Written by Loknath Das