CBSE 10th result 2017 announced: 6 things to keep in mind now


CBSE 10th result 2017

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced the Class 10 board examination results on on Saturday.

The results have been declared for Allahabad, Chennai, Delhi, Dehradun and Trivandrum regions. Results for other regions will follow.

Here are a few things candidates can do after the results are out:

Check your results:

Check your Class 10 results by clicking here.

You should your admit card handy. Your roll number, date of birth and school number are given on your admit card. Key them in the login page and submit to see your results.

There are other sites such as, where you can check the results. They can also be accessed through Microsoft’s search engine Bing.

You can also check them through SMS by sending a text message in the format below:

Type ‘CBSE 10 [roll no]’ and send it these service providers – 52001 (MTNL), 57766 (BSNL), 5800002 (Aircel), 55456068 (Idea), 54321, 51234 and 5333300 (Tata Teleservices), 54321202 (Airtel), and 9212357123 (National Informatics Centre).

You can also call on the toll-free number — 1800 11 8004 — to report any concern.

Save results for future reference

Candidates can save their mark statement released online on their computer and take a printout too.

Check for discrepancy

Check important details on the mark statement. If there is any discrepancy in the spelling of your name, school’s name or roll number etc, report the matter to the board immediately.

Calculating CGPA

Though your CGPA is written on the report card, it is easy to calculate it on your own.

Here’s how you can do it.

Add your grade points in the five main subjects, and then divide it by 5.

For example, if your grade points for the main subjects are:

Subject 1: 8; Subject 2: 9; Subject 3: 7; Subject 4: 9; and Subject 5: 9

Step 1: Add the grade points: 8+9+7+9+9 = 42

Step 2: Divide it by 5

42/5 = 8.5

So, your CGPA is 8.5.

You can understand your CGPA in terms of percentage by multiplying it by 9.5. So if your CGPA is 8.5 you have 8.5 x 9.5 = 80.75%


The process of verification of results will be displayed on CBSE’s website shortly. The results will not be available at the board’s office and the people have been advised not to visit it to collect the results.

Results are important but not the end of life

Even if you are not happy with your scores, there will be many opportunities in life where you can make a mark.





Written by Loknath Das