Ark Agency Stands Behind Equestrians When They Need it Most

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Ark Agency provides a unique service, giving horseback riders the insurance they need to feel secure. There are many things that can go wrong, whether you race, train other riders, or ride a show horse and Equine Professional Liability Coverage can help you through a sudden crisis.
One way that the horse business liability insurance offered by Ark Agency helps professionals is in providing money to cover the costs of a legal defense. If you’re sued for something that happens in the course of your job performance, this insurance will pay up to $50,000 to cover court costs and attorney fees. The policy will cover you, whether the plaintiff’s complaint is justified or not.
Additionally, a policy from Ark Agency will cover settlements and claims resulting from the incident. The policy pays for bodily injuries, damages to property, personal injury claims, a loss of prize money, and the loss of value of a horse. Ark Agency covers the loss of value of a horse only where the plaintiff can show you were responsible for the horse and acted negligently in causing the harm to the horse.
Even the most innocent of mistakes can lead to an accident and injuries. For instance, a handler at a horse show once gave an improper command. The resulting chaos led to injuries for which the handler was liable. Obtaining liability coverage from Ark Agency would have helped the handler pay for expenses and settlements resulting from the incident.
You never know when something will occur to lead to a legal dispute, so you want to feel protected. When such an incident happens, you can rely on Ark Agency to protect you against risking the loss of your personal finances. Speaking with an agent at your earliest convenience can help you determine exactly what coverage you should have in your situation. By working with Ark Agency, you can sleep better, knowing your future is safeguarded.
Ark Agency will personalize your coverage, so you won’t pay for insurance you don’t need. By working with a network of insurers, they can provide you with the best protection, while staying within your budget. Getting coverage doesn’t have to break the bank with Ark Agency.

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