4 reasons your diets fail

Not considering future events
Before you start dieting, make sure there aren’t any important events approaching in the very near future. It can be anything – work, travel, weddings or even an overdue vacation. Trying to find foods conducive to dieting can be troublesome on the run.

Crash dieting
Another reason why people quit their diet is that they go too harsh on themselves. They cut huge amounts of calories at once which eventually robs them of all the energy. Reduction in carbohydrates during diet is taken to a whole new level of insanity. Consuming very little to almost zero carbohydrates is a very common error that most people make. Extremely low-carb diets are not for the long haul.

Mentality of all or nothing
When people go on a diet, for the first few days, they are very meticulous about their eating. They get into it so hard that eating even a small serving of a dessert makes them feel miserable. They think they messed it up! What follows after is a binge on these foods. This binge is followed by guilt and feeling of being weak-minded and then the negative self talk starts.

No supportive environment

Some people are self motivated. However, there are others who perform best when they have a support system. This support system may include family, friends or even colleagues. Make sure you stay around such people who support and appreciate your goals of change.

Written by Loknath Das