38 Genius Items the World’s Best Travel Agents Always Pack


Fine, call us nosy. But we can’t help but wonder what other people have packed in their suitcases, especially if said people are seasoned professionals at this whole packing-for-a-trip thing. It’s our favorite way of discovering new packing tips and tricks.

We’ve asked the editors at T+L for their favorite travel products. When we board a plane, we’re almost certainly glancing at our seatmates’ gear. And you can bet that anytime we chat with a celeb, we’re asking for their packing philosophy. But we also thought it’d be smart to pick the brains of another category of travel experts: travel advisors.

We polled some of the world’s top advisors from our A-list to hear about what they bring with them on every trip — and some of their picks are seriously genius. There are foldable backpacks that’ll barely take up any space in your carry-on, comfy travel shoes you’ll wear on every trip, no-fuss travel adapters that’ll make traveling with electronics less complicated, and so much more. Scroll through below to see what’s inside the luggage of some of the best travel advisors in the business.

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Wrinkle-resistant Dress and Hidden Pocket Scarf

Andrea Ross of Wild Frontiers USA frequently finds herself traveling to Southeast Asia. To combat the hot temperatures while still dressing modestly, Ross often turns to Leota’s ‘Darien’ dress (nordstrom.com, $128), a light and airy asymmetrical dress made from no-wrinkle fabric that’s perfect for packing. Ross loves the garment for its versatility, sharing, “I can wear it to a hotel inspection and then take a boat ride on the Chao Praya and feel appropriately dressed.”

Another travel must-have Ross loves is this stylish travel scarf with a hidden pocket (amazon.com, $55) that’s perfect for stashing essentials. “Of course everyone knows you need a good scarf for planes, but this one doubles as a boarding pass and wallet holder. It can even hold cash and a hotel key for a night out.”

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Travel Passport Wallet

Louisa Gehring always travels with this specific wallet (amazon.com, $15). “I have tried them all and they all seem to be missing something. Either they aren’t big enough to hold boarding passes, or the passports fall out. This one, however, is perfect and has lasted years. I love the little pen holder, too, because I am now never ‘that guy’ asking for a pen from the flight attendant during immigration form time.”

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Waterproof Wet Bag

Back when April Cole of Wild Frontiers USA first started travel planning, her kids were in diapers, so she would always travel with a diaper wet bag. Now, years later, Cole still packs a wet bag, but not for diapers, mind you. “I now use it for anything wet or dirty,” she shared. “Even if I’m traveling with only a carry-on, I have a place to store dirty gym clothes or a wet swimsuit so that the rest of the items in my bag will remain dry and odor-free. I love my Logan and Lenora Wet Bag (amazon.com, $25) because it is chic and no one would ever guess it’s actually a diaper bag.”

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Fitness Watch

Mei Zhang of WildChina never travels without her Suunto watch (amazon.com, $229). A true fitness junkie, Zhang loves wearing the watch while on runs throughout her trip. She’s explored Bhutan, Morocco, Uzbekistan, and a number of Chinese villages with her Suunto. “It’s the best way to stay fit and see a new destination on foot.”

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Away Carry-on

Kristen Pike of KK Travels Worldwide loves cult-favorite brand Away’s carry-on luggage (awaytravel.com, $245) with the ejectable power bank. “Having a built-in charger is incredibly convenient. Gone are the days of having to crawl on the floor in search of an open wall outlet,” she said. ”Every feature of the suitcase has been so well thought-out, from the luxury wheels and zippers to the indestructible exterior shell. They even have a lifetime warranty, so it’s guaranteed to be the last piece of luggage I’ll ever buy.”

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Electronics Organizer Board

Liz Sutton of Sutton Planning packs this tech organizer (amazon.com, $12). It’s made up of elastic bands that stretch to hold items of various sizes. Load it up with your chargers and gadgets, then slide it into your carry-on, and you’re good to go.


Written by Loknath Das