This rare flower symbolizes reincarnation of Buddha

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Youtan poluo, mostly mistaken as lacewings eggs, is one of the rarest flowers in the world and has an interesting myth around its growth. This delicate flower is believed to bloom once in 3000 years and is said to mark the arrival of a royal king. According to Buddhistscriptures, these flowers are a symbol of immortality and reincarnation of Buddha.

The local name for this rare flower, in China, is Udumbara. Udumbara, in Sanskrit, means an auspicious flower descending from the heaven and these mysterious flowers omit a distinct fragrance of sandalwood.

 Among other interesting facts about these white delicate flowers, one of the facts is that they were seen on the head of Buddha statue at Chonggye-Sa temple in Seoul. A recent sighting of this flower in 2010 was reported by a Chinese nun, who could distinguish them from assuming it to be lacewing eggs because they omitted fragrance of sandalwood.

The mysterious belongings of nature never fail to surprise us and Youtan poluo is a perfect example of this. We do not know if this flower is really an indication of Buddha’s reincarnation but it definitely remains special for its rare qualities.


Written by Loknath Das